The Holidays and Your Cat’s Health

by DrJohnBullas The Holidays and Your Cat’s Health Keeping your pet safe and health at all times should be one of your major concerns, and this can be even more difficult around the holidays. There are a number of special considerations you must make for your cat around the holidays. Your vet can give you(…)

Why Cats Make Such Good Pets

by Why cats Make Such Good Pets Cats are very good pets as they don’t require as much attention as other options such as a dog. You don’t have to walk the cat and you don’t have to deal with it barking at everything that happens to walk by your home. Young cats are(…)

Care for Pet Cats

by chrissam42 Care for Pet cats Pet cat care should be your responsibility if you have your pet cat at home. Knowing if you have a healthy cat would require that you know how to observe how your cat looks. You should be able to judge if your cat is too thin or too fat.(…)

Caring For Cats

Caring For Cats Cat lovers need not feel down in the mouth about protecting their pets from serious disease. In fact, their cat’s mouth is a good place to start. A recent study shows that cats with common forms of oral disease have a higher rate of testing positive for more serious diseases. The good(…)

Cats – The Purrfect Companion?

by DrJohnBullas Cats – The Purrfect Companion? “You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats.” – Colonial proverb Fancy having a cat at home? It will depend on you throughout its life – around 15 years with proper care – so properly budget for visits to the vets(…)

Facts about Cats: Do you know this and that?

by Chriss Pagani Facts about Cats: Do you know this and that? Cats are very interesting members of the animal kingdom. Some of them stay wild in the thick forests while some of them stay tamed in our homes. Wherever they are, cats are very interesting and they possess really exquisite characteristics. How much do(…)

The Good Things Pet Cats Bring

by iamos The Good Things Pet cats Bring As man’s best friend except for his dogs, cats have been a part of every family, be it poor, middle class or the super rich. Reasons of having pets such as these domesticated animals and other animals are mainly relative depending on the owner. For some, it(…)

Understanding Why Cats Fight

by TheeErin Understanding Why cats Fight If you have a household with multiple cats, you know that cat fights do happen. Even if you cats generally get along, at times, they can still fight. While humans may not completely understand why their kitties are fighting, cats have their reasons for fighting. Some of these reasons(…)

A Short History Of Cats

by cseeman A Short History Of Cats It seems strange that there was ever a time when cats were not a part of our lives. It’s been less that 10,000 years since cats swaggered into our lives. Hardly an eye blink in the grand sweep of life on this planet. Why were cats so late(…)

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