Understanding Pussy-cat Breeds

There are roughly fifty different strains of cats, and saying that's one thing but essentially having a look at some of the breeds and understanding them is another because in each moggy breed there are a bunch of differences that make them what they are. Some pussy-cat breeds you can tell apart by looking, but(…)

Are You A Cat Freak? Read Here For Cat-Care Advice

TIP! Always watch a kitten around small kids. If children are younger than five years old, pets ought not be left with them. Cats make wonderful pets. If you have never had one, you should read this article before getting one. Living with a cat is rewarding but does present some responsibilities unique to the(…)

What Are The Top Ten Most Popular Pedigreed Cat Breeds?

Pedigreed cats are a reliable source of joy and pride for their owners. Besides their gorgeous coats, lovely lines, and great disposition, these animals offer companionship and entertainment to those that love them. Selecting a pedigreed cat isn't particularly easy, but knowing the most well-liked strains of pedigreed pussies may help. * Persian Persian moggies(…)

Learn About Real Cat Care

by cseeman Learn About Real Cat Care If you are one of the many people lucky enough to own a cat or several cats as pets, then you need to take time and make the effort to learn proper cat care. One of my biggest struggles with people is that they choose to have pets(…)

Top 10 Most Well-liked Pussy Breeds

There are forty one recognised cat breeds according to the Cat Fanciers ‘ Organisation, the planet's biggest registry of pedigree cats. The varied pussy-cat breeds have a mess of varying traits but all make great pets in the appropriate home. While this isn't always a catalogue of the best sort of moggy, below are the(…)

A Short History Of Cats

by cseeman A Short History Of Cats It seems strange that there was ever a time when cats were not a part of our lives. It’s been less that 10,000 years since cats swaggered into our lives. Hardly an eye blink in the grand sweep of life on this planet. Why were cats so late(…)

And the meows have it

by cseeman And the meows have it Having a pet could surely help you live a better life. In even the simplest effect, it could not be denied that pets bring this different aura to lives of people and it brightens a home. Any pet may be that secret stepping stone in achieving a certain(…)

Have A Healthy Cat With These Suggestions

TIP! Put your cat’s food on a tablecloth. Often, a cat will remove food from his bowl to eat on the side. Graceful movements, a quick brain and purring. Those are the qualities that define a cat. Cats can take a lot of work and this article can help you out. This article has a(…)

Cat Care – The Importance Of Teeth Care

Being a responsible pet owner, guaranteeing your pet’s health is the most simple obligation. Like human, taking care and regular cleaning your cat’s teeth is essential to ensure oral hygiene. Even the North American Veterinary Medication Organisation joins forces with the North American Veterinary Dental Society on the month of Feb annually to create the(…)

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