Is Better Cat Care Worthwhile?

Sufficient kitty care is a crucial part of keeping your kitty healthy on the emotional and physical levels, and basic pussy-cat care tasks like feeding your pet and ensuring it is spayed and immunized are familiar to nearly every kitty owner. Nonetheless there's more to cat care than simply routine upkeep. The more that you(…)

The Holidays and Your Cat’s Health

by DrJohnBullas The Holidays and Your Cat’s Health Keeping your pet safe and health at all times should be one of your major concerns, and this can be even more difficult around the holidays. There are a number of special considerations you must make for your cat around the holidays. Your vet can give you(…)

Giving Your Pet A Proper Adoption

by cseeman Giving Your Pet A Proper Adoption There is a severe overpopulation of cats and dogs roaming the streets all over the world. Some animals that are not getting proper care and are being abused by their owners tend to escape from their mistreated homes and tend to wander off on their own. Because(…)

Caring For Cats, A Beginner’s Guide To Help You Out

TIP! Keep your drapery cords out of the reach of your cat. If your cat plays with looped drape cords, they could get caught around its neck, which presents a suffocation hazard. Owning a cat can be wonderful, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to get along with! From particular diets to nail clippings at(…)

A Look At Cat Breeds

by Rochelle, just rochelle A Look At Cat Breeds Over the last thousands of years, cats have pretty much handled their breeding themselves. In the beginning, they were used for one purpose – hunting and killing rodents. As the years progressed, we began to breed cats more to our liking. Now days, there are several(…)

Good Cat Care Means A Very Contented Moggy

Pussy-cat care is the most important part of keeping your pussy healthy and happy. The more that you know about your cat’s care, the better you will be able to meet your cat’s physical and emotional needs . The more powerful your cat’s health and the better your cat’s approach is, the more you will(…)

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