Best Friends Animal Society Awards First Coast No More Homeless Pets $340, 000 Grant To Extend Dog-cat Adoptions From Jacksonville Shelters

A projected 2,700 homeless Jacksonville dogs and cats will have new hope of finding families in 2013, due to a $340,000 grant presented by Best Mates Animal Society(R) to one of the city’s leading animal welfare agencies. The grant, presented to First Coast No More Destitute Pets (FCNMHP), will be used to help in funding operation of FCNMHP’s Mandarin Adoption Center, as well as fund a bunch of FCNMHP workers working at Jacksonville Animal Care & Protecting Services. The team will work to leverage volunteers and donations in order to dramatically increase the quantity of cats and dogs adopted through a variety of efforts. Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown praised the development as a step forward to help to save animals that find their way into Jacksonville animal shelters. “This is another example of a successful public-private partnership, which started when Best Friends worked with the town on community cats,” claimed Mayor Brown. “This grant will continue to promote responsible pet possession, while also helping us broaden the break for pet adoptions in the City of Jacksonville.” Rick DuCharme, Executive Director of the adoption center, recounted the grant will be a great help to the adoption center during troublesome commercial times.

“Faced with the probable closure of the adoption center by the city, we were able to raise enough money to operate for 6 months,” DuCharme asserted. “With the grant from Best Friends, we will now operate for a full year and pursue our aim to double adoptions.” Best Friends has been funding a program with First Coast No More Destitute Pets to spay / spay free-roaming, unowned cats and reduce the quantity of moggies entering into Jacksonville shelters. A big hit in every one of the last three years, the programme reduced the quantity of cats dying in the shelters by 4,500 a year.

Overall shelter deaths reduced by 17 % from the year before. “Jacksonville is content to be a leader in handling community cats in a singular way for a big town. Our leadership in this area has brought delegates from many cities from across the nation to Jacksonville to profit from our invention and success,” claimed Mayor Brown. “Best Friends has financially supported some of our programs over the last 4 years, but from an inspiring standpoint, Best Mates has been mentoring, training and electrifying First Coast No More Homeless Pets for the last ten years,” said DuCharme. Gregory Castle, Manager of Best Pals Animal Society, announced his organisation has been impressed with the successfulness of the programme in recent years. “We continue being astonished by the achievements of our cooperation with First Coast No More Destitute Pets,” related Castle.

“We trust that our grant won't only continue this success but help First Coast No More Destitute Pets blaze new trails in animal welfare and save more lives.” “Our FCNMHP team will work with the volunteers and the workers at Jacksonville Animal Control & Protecting Services to help dogs and cats who require additional help to make them more adoptable and thereby increase adoptions,” DuCharme asserted. “Between both agencies, our goal is to find houses for at least 2,700 dogs and cats.” About Best Mates Animal Society(R) : Best Pals Animal Society is a nonprofit organisation building no-kill programs and partnerships that will bring about a day when there are No More Destitute Pets(R). The society’s leading initiatives in animal care and community programs are coordinated from its Kanab, Utah, HQ, the states biggest no-kill sanctuary. This work is made possible by the personal and finance support of a grassroots network of advocates and community partners across the country.

To become a fan of Best Friends Animal Society on Facebook : our website To follow Best Chums on Twitter : our website About First Coast No More Destitute Pets The mission of FCNMHP is to end the needless murdering of dogs and cats through free and cheap spay and spay programs. Since 2001 more than 100,000 dogs and cats have been sterilised and profited from these programs. FCNMHP also offers free pet food to qualified low-income owners of pets through the FCNMHP Jacksonville Pet Food Bank. As of October 2011, FCNMHP usurped operations of the Mandarin Adoption Center, now bankrolled by Best Friends Animal Society. All adoptable pets are pulled from Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services to further lower the mercy killing rate. All donations are a hundred percent tax-deductible.

Our Internet web site About Jacksonville Animal Care & Protecting Services As the biggest and only open-admission shelter, ACPS handles between 18,000-20,000 animals annually with one of the lowest mercy killing rates for public shelters in Florida. ACPS investigates and prosecutes animal savagery, neglect and other violations of the law. Recognized as the Notable Animal Control Association in Florida in 2011, ACPS has hosted dozens of interested shelters from across the nation needing to gain from Jacksonville’s success. ACPS works under the philosophy that our destitute and unwanted pets are a community issue that is best answered through public-private cooperations with shelters, pet placement partners and animal welfare affiliations. The web site new press release .

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